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The Baringa and Seriston Australian White: The next evolution in sheep

One of the great paradoxes of breeding lamb for the commercial market is that it is profitable but simultaneously very costly. There's a lot of work in it. The overheads are high, they require a lot of handling and in tough seasons they can be hard to keep on top of. In fact, some producers have even given up on them over the years, switching their attention to easier care animals that are less profitable, like cattle. But what if there was a way we could breed a low care sheep? One that didn't require shearing, crutching, flea treatment or mulesing but still produced meat that was high in eating quality? This was the question that led now famed Oberon based Baringa Sheep Stud to join forces with four other studs in 2008 to help create the first Australian White Sheep....read more...

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Seriston enter Australian White market

AVENUE Range stud breeder Anthony Hurst has teamed up with one of the Australian White breed’s foundation studs Baringa, Oberon, NSW, to breed easy-care, large-framed, fully-shedding sheep for the SA market. Next month, Mr Hurst, along with Ian, Donna, Brayden and Lochie Gilmore, will hold the state’s first Australian White sale, on October 18 at the Jamestown Showground. The 110 rams and 20 ewes to be offered in the Northern Pastoral Australian White Sale are some of the best progeny after three years of extensive embryo transfer programs on both properties to proliferate some of Baringa’s elite genetics. The joint venture has ensured rapid genetic gain by shortening the generation interval – they have mated ewe replacements as lambs to give birth by 12 months, while ... read more...

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